A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You has been assigned to rescue the revolution warrior out of the prison hell. Try to use interactable environment to lead the target get out of the place.

The input maps is G, H, J, T, Y, U, They would be map into different stuff in different level, so you have to figure out the key maps for manipulating the environment.

i spent about 50+ hours for hardcording it, the AI Behaviour just push me into hot water and the bgm and sfx is still missing. I might add it up at the post version.

Made by Tan Kok Liang

Game Engine: Godot 

Graphic: Krita, Affinity designer


LD45-ControlEverythinInNothing-PC.zip 11 MB
LD45-ControlEverythinInNothing-Mac.zip 13 MB
LD45-ControlEverythinInNothing.x86_64.zip 13 MB

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