A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Update v1.04:

  • Add more guide to smoother the gameplay curve

Update v1.03:

  • Fixed the issue that address cant be input on the final red explorer

Update v1.02:

  • Fixed window stucked while the window was moved to the top of screen.
  • Fixed that breakkey.com do nothing even doing the right move.
  • Modify the level for more hint to stablize the gameplay progress.
  • Improve the game experience.
  • Rename the bug fixed version to stable version.
  • Rename the actual file name to appropriate name.
  • Rename game title to Mr-Vpn

Thanks from everyone who played my game and feedback to me actively, sorry for not fixing the bugs in the certain time, finally i can fixed the bugs that mentioned when i got the free time, wish you guys can finally finish the game after the more hints was set up.


You've been trapped by china firewall, no facebook, no twitter, no youtube….etc several months ago. On a certain day, You got the warm hand from your buddy who's once of the famous hacker on the world, here's a gift from him: Mr VPN! With him, you'll be able to shuttle whole around the website that you cam never view when you're staying in china!

Let's try it out!

This is once of the most epic project that i done in 48 hours, i'm so proud to myself, hopefully everyone can enjoy it :)


LD38-PC( Compo ).zip 11 MB
LD38-MAC( Compo ).zip 14 MB
Mr-VPN-PC-LD38.zip 11 MB
Mr-VPN-Mac-LD38.zip 14 MB
src.zip 901 kB


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Could you add a fullscreen option or a way to change the resolution please? Because of the way Windows 8 works, the real taskbar covers up the in-game taskbar, making the game much more difficult to play.