A game made for GMTK 2018, i can only spend around 10 hours  for making game alone.  can only afford to make a stage, please dont pay too much expectation.

Here's the theme: Platformer, but you cant Jump! Sounds common right? You've to shake the platform to make player jump, nevertheless, all enemies will be affected by the platform shaking, they will interfere you to go further!


  • Left/Right Arrow -> Moving left and right
  • Hold / Release Spacebar -> Pull or push Platforms
  • R -> Restart if anything went wrong!

Development Tools:

  1. Game Engine: Unity
  2. Pixel Art: Aseprite, Pyxel Edit
  3. Music : PixelTracker
  4. Sfx: Jfxr


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Looks interesting, would you like to participate in our jam? Thanks!  https://itch.io/jam/shake-and-shake-jam